And then Christmas comes as usual ..

And then Christmas comes as usual ..

This Christmas is the first Christmas without our father. …..Sad … but Christmas is to be celebrated anyway.

Some Xristmas lights ….

First advent .

Elfs has been up and running already at 1 December. It is in our Family tradition that the first of December comes Nissar -Päkapikk- Elf. Whatever you call them ..

Our daughter has been expecting Christmas for a long time now. Christmas presents are ready .. Now the next few days the Christmas tree will come in too.

In the meantime, I have created some jewelry too .. Necklaces and earrings .. Love working with Labradorites. And now some new stones have come home .. Rutile Quartz. And then some stones for Christmas presents for the family who will get some different jewelry from me …

Labrodorite in Sterlings Silver.

Labradorite in i Sterling Silver and a little touch of Brass

Rutile Quartz in i Sterling Silver

Smoky Quartz Sterling Silver earrings

And as usual, we have up here in North White Christmas. It has snowed well. Today my husband also had to shovel the snow. And into society you can use our Norrland’s best means of transport .. Kick sled ..

Kick sled .



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